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Impact 326M Portable Continuous/Intermittent Surgical Suction Pump Aspirator The Impact Model 326/326M is a self-contained, multi-purpose, suction apparatus designed for removing secretions from the upper airway during oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal and tracheal suctioning procedures, programmable
Please read this manual carefully before attempting to use the Olympus KV--5 suction pump as it contains important information on The Olympus KV-5 suction pump is a simple, reliable pump intended for aspiration use during flexible endoscopy and general medical or The suction jar is impact resistant. Suction jar lid.
8 Oct 1993 SUCTION APPARATUS, OROPHARYNGEAL. MODEL 308M. 6515-61-304-6497. You can help improve this manual. If you ?nd any mistakes or if you know a way to improve procedures, please Iet us know. Mail your memorandum, DA Form 2028 (Recommended. Changes to Publications and Blank Forms)
Surgi-center backup suction. 0 Emergency medical service. 0 Home health care/nursing homes. The care-e-vac®3's suctioning capabilities are generated by a diaphragm pump. It comes equipped with a disposable in-line hydrophobic filter, 14” of tubing, and a disposable 800 cc collection canister. This manual covers the
30 Sep 1998 suction pump is a portable, AC-powered , or compressed air-powered device intended to be used to remove infectious BTA - Pump, Portable, Aspiration, (Manual or Powered). DSMA - Division of Small Explain the consequences and effects of changes or modifications and how the differences affect the
Impact Instrumentation 325M Suction Pump Aspirator The Impact Model 325M is self-contained, general-purpose suction apparatus designed for removing secretions from the upper airway or pharyngeal and/or tracheal suctioning procedures. The apparatus includes EMI/RFI suppression circuitry and is suitable for use in
suction unit. Built around Impact's ultra-lite® vacuum pump. The Model 326 may be used for oropharyngeal, tracheal, wound drainage, and abdominal or thoracic . Impact. Instrumentation. Inc. 7610015437003. Operation Manual. 906-0326-03. 2. EA. Incl w/NSN 0050 Incl w/NSN 0050. N/A. N. Impact. Instrumentation. Inc.
Up for your consideration we have a: IMPACT 325 PORTABLE PUMP ASPIRATOR SUCTION APPARATUS POWER TESTED! May need new a battery did not chech to see if they hold a charge. K7 Is for internal inventory Ambu Rescue Manual Suction Pump Portable Rescue Medical Emergency Ambulance EMS. $39.95.
adversely affect operation of the device. Battery: - To maintain satisfactory device, and cause electrical hazard. Do not pump any cleaning solution or other liq- uids through the vacuum pump, i.e. through the. Vacuum Connector.This can damage the LSU. .. For the Aerosol Filter the instructions below must be followed:.