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8 Nov 2012 Babylon tech is very easy, if you looked at the UA elimination thread they only got eliminated because you really don't need the boost on lower difficulties. check you for optimal gameplay for fast finish times strategy guide:
An image album of Civ 5 Babylon gameplay highlighting my successes and mistakes. Standard size and Game Settings, Continents, Immortal, Babylon. Goal: Scientific Victory utilizing Babylon's UA. Civs in-Game Mongolia, Polynesia, Shoshone, Austria, Carthage, . I am able to get Steel, as my Military tech is behind.
Civilization 5 Babylon - Leader: Nebuchadnezzar II. Civ Bonuses, Strategies, Unique Units and Buildings. This free Great Scientist and the rate they'll gain them later make Babylon an obvious choice for a Science Victory.
25 Mar 2014 You guys gave all the tips and guides I needed, so I wanted to thank you! .. Academies are better early-mid because the flat science bonus is great for bolstering your tech-deprived empire early on so you can research . Civ5 made me actually very interested in ancient Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar II.
In this series of guides I'll try to cover everything that has to do with winning a science victory, geared towards Deity or Immortal
22 Dec 2015
12 Jan 2011 What is shown in this thread is a mix of a standard opening for me, regardless of civ, but done much more effectively by the Babylonians. Speed is important. So you'll have to use your GSs on techs that are just opening to help boost yourself along and take the tech lead. Oh, and all time estimates are given
21 Jul 2014 Babylon is one of the game's hardest nations to face, having strengths in both defence and science, and is a good introductory Civ for scientific victories. Diplomatic: 5/10. Domination: 7/10. Scientific: 10/10. Babylon is one of the two strongest Civs in the game for science, along with Korea. Aside from
If I go for top half I'll have a medium size but pretty outdated army, leaving me to be destroyed by my neighbors. If I go for the bottom half I miss out on a lot of good wonders (Porcelain Tower, Oxford) and I don't snowball like crazy in science as you're supposed to do as Babylon. 5 comments; share; save.
Step 4: Get free tech thanks to GL! Philosophy. Get Nat. College or Oracle (Oracle will help get GS quicker but College is more science for you). Also get Hanging Gardens if you're willing to sacrifice some time. Step 5: Beeline Education and get lots of Universities. Step 6: Congrats. You are now far ahead