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16 Feb 2008
How to TIE DYE the perfect "V" shape on shirt. Tie DyingTie Dye Shirt PatternsCool Tie Dye PatternsHow To Tie DyeCool Tie Dye ShirtsCool TiesTye DyeTie Dye TutorialTie Dye Instructions. Turn t-shirts into works of art when you discover the difference in tie-dying a wet t-shirt and tie-dying a dry t-shirt.
Spiral tie-dye patterns are fun and easy to make. Follow these DIY instructions, and learn how to make a tie-dye shirt with spiral pattern.
A tie dye shirt could be a cool accessorie on your dog or if your on vacation you could spot your kids easily with a uniqe tie dye shirt on. its a fun activity to do with your friends your children even with your mom :) So first off you need to by die or a tie dye kit from your local hobby shop or arts and crafts store. The kits usually
6 Jun 2013 Many of the popular patterns in tie dye are started by folding the garment in halves, thirds, or quarters, either vertically, or horizontally, or both. What happens V-Fold. Fold a pre-soaked tee-shirt, or other garment, in half vertically, smoothing out any wrinkles, matching all the seams, and hem, and sleeves.
6. Bold Vertical Stripe Tie Dye Technique. Lay the t-shirt flat. Accordion fold the t-shirt from the bottom hem up. This fold can be as wide as you like – ours was about 3 inches. Secure the folds with four rubber bands, as shown above. Apply the dye to the fabric. Flip the fabric over and repeat the dye on the
9 Mar 2010 Have you always admired tie dye shirts but didn't know how to make those fancy patterns? This tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make the V pattern on a shirt. Start by soaking the shirt in soda ash to get it ready to accept the dye. Next you'll learn how to do special folds and ties to
14 Jan 2015 The star pattern really works for a tie dye project as, in addition to providing a scope to experiment with different colors, it also offers a chance to have . The 'V' shape tie dye pattern has become pretty common; so, how about working on an inverse “V” design that is sure to compliment your creative skills?
Summer's here, and so are these tie dye patterns and techniques! From tie dye t-shirts and beyond, this list of tie dye designs has everything you need.