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i think the first one was waaayy harder to execute than the second one. on the second one jarvan's escape was in one line to thresh's flay, so the area where both abilities collide is pretty big. but the first one was almost a 90° angle, that means the area where both abilities collide is rather small (width of flay x width of toss).
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28 May 2017
FlameJarvan IV. MikeYeungElise. 1/3/2, 134, 9.9K, Jungle, 12.0K, 136, 3/4/10. XmithieRek'Sai. RyuOrianna. 2/3/3, 294, 11.9K, Mid, 15.3K, 326, 6/2/6. PobelterSyndra. ArrowKog'Maw. 3/4/2, 231, 11.2K, ADC, 15.8K, 323, 6/0/9. Cody SunJhin. XpecialTahm Kench. 0/5/2, 45, 7.3K, Support, 10.1K, 48, 3/0/12. OllehThresh
13 Dec 2014
30 Jun 2013
30 Jun 2013
20 Mar 2017
Matchups. Bard Support is strong against. 55.86% vs Karma. 55.07% vs Rakan. 53.48% vs Brand. 50.96% vs Braum. 53.72% vs Janna. Bard Support is weak against. 45.59 % vs Morgana. 42 % vs Sona. 46.45 % vs Blitzcrank. 44.12 % vs Nami. 49.07 % vs Zyra
30 Jul 2015