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31 Mar 2016 What is a style guide? Do AngularJS projects need one, and why? Which are the most popular AngularJS style guides? Francesco Iovine explains all.
28 Jul 2014 I just published the first draft of my opinionated style guide for syntax, conventions, and structuring AngularJS applications. You'll find many of these and more explained in deeper detail in my Pluralsight course AngularJS: Clean Code (coming in August 2014). The styles contained here are based on on my
If you are looking for an opinionated style guide for syntax, conventions, and structuring Angular applications, then step right in. These styles are based on my recommended */ // some.controller.js angular .module('app') .controller('SomeController', SomeController); function SomeController() { }. /* recommended
A sensible styleguide for teams by @toddmotto. This architecture and styleguide has been rewritten from the ground up for ES2015, the changes in AngularJS 1.5+ for future-upgrading your application to Angular. This guide includes new best practices for one-way dataflow, event delegation, component architecture and
angular-styleguide - Angular Style Guide: A starting point for Angular development teams to provide consistency through good practices.
Members of the broader AngularJS community should feel free to apply (or not apply) these recommendations, as relevant to their own use cases. This document describes style for AngularJS apps in google3. This guide supplements and extends the Google JavaScript Style Guide. Style Note: Examples on the AngularJS
23 Oct 2014 I have gone through Motto's and Papa's guides and 90% of the time they agree on same guides and usage. Motto's is short and easy to follow, Papa's is long but covers almost everything. I think you better be start with either of them (preferably shorter one) and when you comes to new thing (ex: you may not
After reading Google's AngularJS guidelines, I felt they were a little too incomplete and also guided towards using the Closure library. They also state “We don't think this makes sense for all projects that use AngularJS, and we'd love to see our community of developers come up with a more general Style that's applicable to
linkStyle Guide. Looking for an opinionated guide to Angular syntax, conventions, and application structure? Step right in! This style guide presents preferred conventions and, as importantly, explains why. .. Consider configuring the IDE to hide distracting, irrelevant files such as generated .js and files. Why?
17 Feb 2014 I'm sharing them as one possible path you can take but the main point of this post is to share how I think about structuring my Angular apps. There is a For example I prefer to name my controller files without the word "controller" in the file name such as sessions.js . . Pick your favorite, this is just my style.