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1 May 2016
Scenario #162: Leventor, who is determined to make everything in [his/her] life, even [his/her] dreams, about soccer, asks you what it's like to dream about soccer. Let's think about it. It was an intense feeling as if I was going against the strongest team in the universe. I've never dreamt about soccer. +3. I've been chased by a
I played this game for nearly a year now (started late last year) and I have enjoyed a lot. I learn a lot through my fellow guildmates' advice, research, etc. so that I can build my best starting XI for PVP/Club Wars and then for my casual friend assist XI. I would share my tips of the game so that you may gain tips
Weekly Player Discussion. Leventor. ==== Leventor: one of the two legendary strikers, and because of it, is not welcome on many teams, since players typically focus on their striker first. Back when you could stack penetration over 100%, Leventor was known by his ascended name, Godventor, as his
Discussion schedule (game reset time):** **Thursday** (Weekly voted player) **Sunday** (Player chosen randomly) Next player
27 Jul 2015 Strikers being rated: Ardor: Sharr, William (Legendary), Jean, Bora Whirlwind: Beatrice, Kirin, Shanti Thunder: Blade, Leventor (Legendary), Griffith, Guinevere, MX82 Vann, EA08 Vayne (Special Card) Light: Hiro, Uriel, Latios, Vonchi (Legendary) Dark: Lucid, Ravian, Vitos *Kyoko & Damien will be added in
MX27 Leventor Legendary Character MX27 Leventor is the greatest creation of the super computer
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5 Aug 2015 Does anyone have an in-depth guide to leventor? Such as what stones to be running, and his lineup?