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Learn more about the JuggerKnot Soft Anchor 1.5 mm Short Rigid from Zimmer Biomet. Surgical Techniques. Low-Profile/Trans-Cuff PASTA Repair with JuggerKnot® Soft Anchor-1.5 mm (with Percutaneous Instrumentation) Surgical Technique
14 Mar 2014
Surgical Techniques. Arthroscopic and Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair with the JuggerKnot® Soft Anchor - 2.9 mm with ALLthread™ Knotless PEEK-Optima® Anchor Surgical Technique
JuggerKnot Soft Anchor-2.9 mm Reusable Punch. 912059. JuggerKnot Soft Anchor-2.9 mm Short Punch. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair Using the JuggerKnot Soft Anchor – 2.9 mm with Needles and ALLthread Knotless Anchors Surgical Technique*. Placement of Drill. After the initial
This brochure is presented to demonstrate the surgical technique and postoperative protocol utilized by Vivek Agrawal, M.D., Patrick Connor,. M.D., Don D'Alessandro, M.D., David J. Chao, M.D.,. Scott Kuiper, M.D. Biomet Sports Medicine, as the manufacturer of this device, does not practice medicine and does not
Hand Surg. 2013;18(3):381-8. doi: 10.1142/S0218810413500433. Peak load resistance of the JuggerKnot™ soft anchor technique compared with other common fixation techniques for large mallet finger fractures. Cheung JP(1), Fung B, Ip WY. Author information: (1)Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology,
Additional Information. 01-50-1218 · All Inclusive Hip Arthroscopy Brochure · Biomechanical Evaluation of the JuggerKnot Long Soft Anchor in Cadaver Bone · JuggerKnot Long Soft Anchor for Hip Acetabular Labral Repair Surgical Technique
Triple labrum tears repaired with the JuggerKnot™ soft anchor: Technique and results. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eighteen patients (17 male, one female; mean age 36.4 years, range: 14.2-62.3 years) with triple labrum tears underwent arthroscopic repair using the 1.4 mm JuggerKnot Soft Anchor (mean number of
24 Apr 2012
Loaded with a #1 MaxBraid Suture. #5 polyester sleeve. Surgical Technique available for. • Labral Repair. • Curved Delivery for Bankart/SLAP. Lesion Repair. • Percutaneous Instrumentation for Low Profile/Trans-Cuff SLAP Repair. Instrumentation and Ordering Information for JuggerKnot Soft Anchor 1.4 mm can be found